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Über das Unternehmen

FinLink is a next generation mortgage platform making home ownership simple, transparent and accessible for everyone. 

In our mission to make home ownership simple, transparent and accessible for everyone, FinLink has helped more than 100.000 people finance their home. 

We are a b2b2c software company striving to give home buyers and mortgage advisors a fully digital mortgage experience. 

We connect the home buyer’s journey of buying property with value-adding services along the way such as property valuation, robo-advice for financing options and leveraging AI to classify and read documents.

Our advisor-facing application includes a fully-fledged back-office that empowers the advisor to support the customers with a maximum service level: We offer a reliable and efficient mortgage application processing using workflow management, e-mail, chat, as well as secure handling of financial documents - just to name a few.

Our vision is to connect all areas of the real estate ecosystem to be a central hub for every stakeholder in the market. Our partners include real estate platforms (e.g. Immoscout24 and Immowelt), property valuation companies and lenders.

Over 600 mortgage advisors from 100+ different companies use FinLink, including Swisslife Select, Baufi24, Homeday and Immo-finanzcheck. 

FinLink is part of the Baufi24 group, Germany’s fastest growing mortgage broker with 60+ branches across Germany.


You can learn more about us here:



Baufi24 Podcast

Deine Aufgaben

  • Working as a Full Stack developer, building a new integrated application from scratch, which will be one of the core USPs from our company
  • Participating in product decisions by working closely with Product Owner
  • Contributing to and enforcing great coding practices through code reviews
  • Sharing knowledge with your colleagues during regular Knowledge Sharing sessions
  • Working closely together with other FinLink squads to integrate the functionality into an existing FinLink ecosystem (currently RoR + Angular)

Dein Profil

  • 2+ years of NodeJS / NestJS experience

    • General

      • Web API

      • Authentication & Authorization (e.g. Json-Web-Tokens)

      • Scalability & work distribution

    • NestJS

      • Injection scoping

      • Multi-Tenancy

      • Object–relational mapping (e.g. Typeorm)

      • Microservices (Transports, Queues, …)

  • 3+ years of Angular experience

    • Building-Blocks (Components, Directives, Services, Guards, Interceptors, …)

    • Concepts:

      • ‘smart’ vs. ‘dumb’ components

      • Facade pattern

    • State-Management (e.g. NgRx, NgXs, …)

  • Proficiency in TypeScript

  • Comfortable with HTML, CSS/SCSS

  • Great attention to code quality & coding standards

  • Good grasp of architectural principles and patterns

    • Infrastructure

      • Containerization

      • Distributed Systems

        • Message-Bus & Queues

        • Concurrency & Transaction Management

    • Software

      • Clean Architecture

      • Domain Driven Design

      • Concepts

        • Unit of work

        • S.O.L.I.D. principles

        • Reactive programming (e.g. RxJs, …)

  • Proficiency in Relational Databases (PostgreSQL or similar)

    • Transactions & Concurrency

    • Query optimization

    • Multi-Tenancy

  • Very good communication skills in English (our office language)

  • Desire to work in a polyglot ecosystem (NodeJS, Ruby on Rails, Angular, React)

Weitere Informationen

  • Backend
    • Ruby 2.6 + Rails 6
    • RESTful APIs
    • NodeJS
    • PostgreSQL 10.x
    • Redis for Sidekiq and ActionCable
    • RSpec
  • Frontend
    • Angular 10 (NX Monorepo)
    • Material UI + custom-built UI component library
    • TypeScript
    • Jest
    • CSS3
  • Infrastructure
    • Currently on Heroku, actively migrating to Microsoft Azure + Kubernetes
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We are FinLink

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